Ceremonial Caps

Each Stepahead formal peaked cap is crafted with pride using only the finest materials, and each component is computer colour matched to the customer’s specifications. Our forte lies in the intricate hand embroidery of peaks, epaulettes and badges, and our talented embroidery team use real gold thread to bring the most intricate designs to life.

These aspects of our manufacturing process have ensured that Stepahead ceremonial officers caps are of the finest quality and are worn with pride by military and security forces around the world.


Stepahead berets are felted from only the finest pure new wool. The basic beret is quality checked, blocked, sewn, lined, sized and finalised in our state of the art factory in Rosslyn. Known for our superior quality and impeccable colour matching, Stepahead berets can be dyed to match the vast array of colour requirements of the world’s military and security forces.

Badges and Epaulettes

The manufacture of military badges, epaulettes, chevrons, uniform accessories and gorgets is an exacting and highly skilled process. At Stepahead, we carefully manage colour matching, texture and depth to produce optimum results. In addition, the requirements of military regiments and units from around the globe are faithfully reproduced by our highly skilled and experienced hand embroidery team.

Garrison and Other Ranks Caps

Stepahead’s skills extend to the manufacturing of finely detailed garrison caps. The intricate piping and the folding detail on garrison caps requires machinists with great skill and experience. In addition, we specialise in navy swan hats, camouflage bush hats and balaclavas.

Webbing Equipment and Components

Stepahead manufactures hardy webbing equipment, including back packs, field packs, pouches, gaiters, gun holsters and rifles cases. We have the ability to manufacture webbing equipment in a range of greens, khakis or camouflage patterns specific to a country’s military forces and needs.

Flight Suits

We manufacture a range of high quality flight suits for military aircraft and helicopter pilots. These flight suits are built for practicality and durability while also ensuring that the wearer is warm and comfortable.